Welcome to Altay, the mysterious motherland of Turkic peoples. The region is known for its ancient petroglyphs and megaliths as well as modern shaman culture. Here you can know local legends, consult with a practicing shaman and listen the unique throat singing concert.

Altay nature is very diverse. Its Golden Mountains with peaceful Teletskoye lake are included in the UNESCO Heritage List. The famous Chuysky Trakt winding through mountains and gorges is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Be sure to visit the so called Altay Mars with its alien landscapes and the enigmatic Geyser Lake with strange looking patterns on its surface.

Altay is so large that in includes two separate regions. The Altai Republic is one of ethnic republics of Russian Federation populated by Turkic people. Its capital and entry gate is Gorno-Altaysk. Don’t confuse it with neighboring Altai Krai whose administrative center is Barnaul. If you have enough time we highly recommend you to visit both regions and see Altay in its complexity.

The best time to explore its nature attractions is summer and early autumn. Though winter is also a great time to visit the region: you can have a rest at the ski resort of Belokurikha, visit local societies of Altay people and Russian Old Believers and enjoy diverse Altay cuisine.

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