Cruise around Lake Baikal aboard «Imperia» ship
Day 1
Irkutsk — Listvyanka
Arrival at the airport of Irkutsk and meeting with your guide. Transfer to Listvyanka village to embark on the cruise ship.

We’ll drive about 70 km along Baikal highroad up to your final destination – Baikal Lake! The first facts about Baikal you’ll know right on the way. After arrival in Listvyanka we’ll visit the Baikal museum where you will learn about geography, geology, flora and fauna of the lake. Embarkation on the cruise ship and accommodation in the cabin will be followed by meeting with the ship's crew and safety briefing.

Our cruise begins! After dinner we invite you to a meeting party.

During the first day of the cruise we plan to sail about 215 km over Baikal!
Day 2
Olkhon Island
The famous Olkhon Island is known as the «heart» of Lake Baikal. Here we will visit mysterious Shaman Rock (Shamanka) — one of nine most sacred objects in Asia and the most recognizable landscape of Baikal.

After lunch in a restaurant with Buryat cuisine we’ll take a seat in an authentic UAZ jeep (famous Soviet off-road car brand produced by the Ul'ianovskiy car factory). This is the only vehicle type that will never let you down in the Russian outback known for the lack of asphalt roads. The Cape Hoboy located in the northern part of Baikal is already waiting for you! During this unforgettable car trip you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and hear some local Buryat legends.

Arrival to Uzury village where our ship will be already waiting for us.

Today we play to sail about 143 km over Baikal and drive 40 km on Olkhon!
Day 3
The Ushkan’y Islands — the Chivyrkuysky Gulf
Early in the morning, while Baikal is still hidden in fog, we will land on the Lesser Ushkan’y Islands. Here you will have an opportunity to visit a rookery of Baikal seals and observe these cute animals in the wild.

After lunch we’ll arrive in the Chivyrkuysky Gulf where you will have enough time for sunbathing and swimming in Baikal. Those who find the Baikal water too cold to swim will have a great opportunity to relax in hot springs. Local mineral waters have beneficial effect for treatment of radiculitis and musculoskeletal system.

Today we plan to sail about 250 km over Baikal!
Day 4
The Ayaya Bay — Lake Frolikha
We have reached the northern end of lake Baikal! Today we are going to land in the Ayaya Bay (in Evenki language «aya» means «beautiful, admirable»). From here we’ll hit the trail across the picturesque taiga to the mountain glacial lake Frolikha (7 km, medium difficulty). The landscape you’ll see at the end is worth twice longer and twice more difficult way, cause lake Frolikha is one of the most secluded and untouched pearls of the Baikal’s nature.

Picnic on the beach with taiga tea.

Today we plan to sail about 140 km over Baikal!
Day 5
Barguzinsky nature reserve
Today we are going to visit the picturesque Sosnovka Bay. It is one of the most beautiful places in Barguzinsky nature reserve which consists of a magnificent bay, a river and a cordon. On the background of emerald green mountains and snow-covered peaks of the Barguzin Range, which comes very close to Baikal here, lay marvelous sandy dunes of the Sosnovka Bay. When we have got here, a reserve’s ranger will give us an interesting lecture. Barguzinsky nature reserve’s scientists are not only real experts in their job but they are also «taiga heroes» and romantics in their profession. They will be happy to share with us a lot of stories about true taiga life.

Today we plan to sail about 170 km over Baikal!
Day 6
Surkhaite area — Ogoy Island
In the first half of the day our ship will arrive in Surkhaite area from where we’ll depart for the mineral spring which is beneficial for both women and men’s health. The native people of the Baikal region are Buryats and today we will come into contact with their culture. Most of Buryats are Buddhists or Shamanists. After lunch we will land on the small Ogoy island and visit the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment which is quite modern but has a very interesting history.

Today we plan to sail about 219 km over Baikal!
Day 7
The end of the cruise. Before departure to Irkutsk you can visit local fish market and souvenir shops. Arrival in Irkutsk around 12 o’clock.
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