Welcome to Astrakhan, the entrance gate to the Volga Delta. The region is known by its turbulent medieval history. From the mid-8th century to the late 10th century it was the center of powerful Khazar Khaganate controlling the eastern part of the Silk Road and ruling over vast territories of the Caucasus, Crimea and steppes of South-Eastern Europe. Interestingly, it was one of the very few empires whose official religion was Judaism. The proposed remnants of its capital Atil was found some 30 km south-west of Astrakhan. Later in the 15th and 16th centuries it was the center of the the Astrakhan Khaganate. This Tatar kingdom arose during the break-up of the Golden Horde. Be sure to visit the Museum of Sarai Batu representing the capital of the Astrakhan Khaganate meticulously reconstructed for filming the historical blockbuster «Horde».

The modern Astrakhan is a successful agricultural region where delicious melons and watermelons are planted. We recommend you to visit one of local fish farms specializing in sturgeons and other rare fish species breeding. The Volga Delta is a natural reserve where you can watch numerous water birds. And of course it is a true fishermen’s paradise with abundant catfish, carps or asps at your disposal.

Most travellers arrive to the region through the international airport of Astrakhan. During summer months it is also possible to book one of scenic Volga cruises and amend your journey with exploring other parts of Russia. Though the region welcomes tourists all year around the best season to visit Astrakhan is from mid July to mid August when vast lotus fields in the Volga Delta are blossoming.
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