Classic vacations in Saint Petersburg
Day 1
Saint Petersburg
Arrival at the airport or at one of railway stations of Saint Petersburg. Meeting with your guide. Sightseeing tour «Saint-Petersburg of Peter the Great». This excursion is devoted to the oldest attractions of Saint Petersburg built during the epoch of its founder Peter the Great. It was his extravagant idea to found the new capital of Russian Empire amidst woods and swamps. A lot of beautiful stone buildings are witnesses of that great epoch. We will see some great examples of Petrine baroque style: Menshikov Palace where Peter the Great called his famous assemblies, The Twelve Colleges edifice which was the place of 12 branches of Russian government, and the Kunstkamera museum originally built for preserving Peter’s private collection of "natural and human curiosities and rarities". Then we proceed to the Admiralty where the first ships of the Baltic Fleet were made. During the excursion you will have a great opportunity to take pictures of the most representative architectural ensembles of the historic center of Saint-Petersburg. Excursion to the Peter and Paul Fortress. Today we will visit a unique military, historical and architectural monument. It is the construction of this citadel that gave start to the history of Saint Petersburg. We will visit the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral which is a burial place of all Russian emperors beginning from Peter the Great. Then we will explore the Trubetskoy Bastion used as the main Russian political prison in the 19th century. Accommodation in the hotel. Free evening. Overnight in the hotel.
Day 2
Saint Petersburg
Breakfast. Excursion to Tsarskoye Selo. Today we will visit one of the former residences of the Romanov imperial family (name Tsarskoye Selo means «tsar’s village»). Its main attraction is the brilliant Catherine Palace with well preserved interiors of mid-18th-century made in «Russian baroque» style. You will see the famous Golden Enfilade, a masterpiece of Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli who designed this row of rooms in such a way to amaze visitors by its luxury and splendor. The most well known part of the enfilade is its Amber Room which brought even more fame to the Catherine Palace. Return to Saint Petersburg. Free evening. Overnight in the hotel.
Day 3
Saint Petersburg
Breakfast. Sightseeing tour «Splendid Saint Petersburg». Today we will see the front buildings of the city center and its most famous architectural ensembles. You can took pictures of the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island adorned with two magnificent Rostral Columns, walk along The Field of Mars which which was the place of military parades in imperial times, and admire the refined blue and white exteriors of the Smolny Cathedral. Then we will visit the constellation of three most beautiful city squares: Palace Square with the unique Alexander Column in its center, spacious Saint Isaac's Square with the magnificent Saint Isaac Cathedral, and Senate Square with the world known Bronze Horseman monument honoring Peter The Great. Also we will see the richly decorated Church of the Savior on Blood with beautiful mosaics inside, mysterious Saint Michael's Castle haunted by the ghost of the assassinated Russian Emperor Paul the First, the splendid Summer Garden adorned with numerous sculptures of the 18th century, and the legendary cruiser «Aurora» whose shot gave start to the Russian Revolution. Guided tour to The State Hermitage Museum. You will see one of the greatest art museums of the world. Its Western European Art collection includes European paintings, sculpture, and applied art from the 13th to the 20th centuries. It has collections of Egyptian artefacts and classical antiquities, Prehistoric art, jewelry and decorative art. You will visit the famous Knights' Hall, enjoy the masterpieces of Italian Renaissance, Spanish fine art, Dutch Golden Age and Flemish Baroque, as well as German, Swiss and British fine art, Russian art, French Neoclassical, Impressionist, and Post-Impressionist art. It is truly the endless magic of art! Free evening. Overnight in the hotel.
Day 4
Saint Petersburg
Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Excursion to the fortified city Kronstadt. Today we will make a fascinating trip to the «crown city» Kronstadt founded by Peter the Great on the Kotlin island. Its monuments will tell us about the complex story of the city. The Kronstadt sea-gauge is a zero-level of the Baltic system depths and heights. All depths and altitudes in Russia are measured from this level. The dry dock of Peter the Great is a unique hydraulic structure of the 18th century. Its construction made it possible for naval ships bottoms to repair. We will take pictures in front of the Wish Tree sculpture, a symbol of the modern Kronstadt, and then visit spacious Anchor Square to admire the giant Naval Cathedral which is the architectural dominant and pride of the city. This magnificent temple consecrated to Saint Nikolas the Wonderworker is the main church of the Russian Navy. Return to Saint Petersburg. Transfer to the airport or a railway station. End of the program.
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