Saint Petersburg

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg, the former capital of Russian Empire and the cultural capital of modern Russia. The historical center of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Saint-Petersburg is famous for its palaces and imperial residences, luxury parks and draw bridges, authentic cuisine and vibrant night life, and of course its famous white nights.

There are three main ways to enter Saint-Petersburg. You can arrive by plane to the Pulkovo airport which is an important international and domestic hub. Five railway stations connect the city with other regional centers of Russia. Also you can visit Saint-Petersburg during one of river or sea cruises.

There are a lot of hotels from luxury international brands to comfortable guesthouses to accommodate numerous travellers. Saint-Petersburg is famous for its gourmet restaurants with refine cuisine and panoramic views as well as buzzy streets with plenty of bars and cafes for fans of bar hopping.

We recommend you to stay in Saint-Petersburg at least three nights to enjoy the city and its attractions.
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